Weekday Picks for Westchester Kids: Historic Christmas, Candlelight Tours, Light Show, Dec. 21-25

Ho-ho-ho, it’s Christmas week! If you celebrate the holiday, you’re probably super busy with last-minute preparations. Don’t worry, we’re not recommending any frivolous activities to add to your schedule but rather some possible enhancements to optimize enjoyment of the season.

Two such events promote holiday serenity, with an escape from the modern-day commercial trappings that often consume us. Visit either of two historic sites for some old-fashioned Christmas charm at Family Holiday Program or Holiday Tour by Candlelight (and remind your kids that children used to be lucky to get an orange in their stocking!). If you’re up for a little dazzle, the North Kensico Christmas Light Show is a fun sight to behold.

There are more options to choose from, including for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, so read on and visit our Event Calendar for ideas.

We parents go to great lengths to work magic for our children. Because it’s all about family, we do what we do. A very merry Christmas from the moms at Mommy Poppins!

Weekday Fun: Merry Christmas, Winter Solstice, Make Music

A busy holiday week is upon us with NYC schools and many preschools and daycares headed for winter break on Thursday, December 24, and then Christmas on Friday. Luckily, we're sharing our annual list of 35 Things to Do Over Holiday Break for families, as well as a separate kid activity list for Christmas Eve

If you haven't seen Santa, the stunning department store windows, incredible public art and the over-the-top holiday displays—you better hurry! The same goes for getting your Christmas tree; whether you cut it down yourself or have it delivered, time is running out.

Take a hot cocoa crawl with the kids in Brooklyn or Manhattan, see some top-notch holiday theater productions or one the many Nutcrackers around town. You can even head out of town for a one day or weekend winter getawayHershey Park looks particularly festive this time of year.

Other highlights for the week of December 21-25 include two winter solstice celebrations, the Make Music Winter parade and the collaborative math/art project with MoMath; a fun chocolate and cocoa lesson; an interactive kids concert with Oran Etkin; and Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve.

As always, you can find more family activities in our Event Calendar and Holiday Fun Guide.

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas from the moms and dads at Mommy Poppins!

Things To Do During December Vacation Week with Kids in Boston

December Vacation Week is a wonderful chance to relax with family, but it's also a time when boredom can easily hit kids who are used to daily school and activity routines. To keep everyone happy, a good strategy is to pencil in a variety of events over the time off, making sure to include some free activities in the lineup. There are too many cool events to count this December, with everything from holiday shows to outdoor fun, so peruse our picks below to find some real gems to enjoy with the kids. Here's to a holly jolly vacation around town!

Weekday Picks for Connecticut Kids: Holiday Lights, Caroling, and Winter Wonderland, December 21-25

I love Christmas, but the week leading up to Christmas? That's always been a particular challenge for me: so many last minute errands to do and so many children under foot (okay, only two children, but sometimes it seems like more).  Happily, this week Kids U in Stamford is offering a Winter Wonderland Camp that is sure to buy you the extra hours you need to make things merry and bright.

If you're looking to expand your holiday traditions, the caroling at the God's Acre in New Canaan is a gorgeous family friendly event, as are the holiday lights at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven (which will be lit on Christmas Day). For more options check out our frequently updated Event Calendar and Holiday Guide for all sorts of fun. 

Have a wonderful Christmas week!

More Brooklyn Holiday Lights: Carroll Gardens Gets Decked Out

Come Christmas time, tourists and locals alike head to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn to check out amazing holiday lights and decorations.  

However, for those who don't have a car, there are other pockets in Brooklyn of wonderful and creative holiday decorations, including among the pretty brownstones of Carroll Gardens, a onetime Italian-American stronghold where churches and funeral homes, along with Italian bakeries and restaurants are equally plentiful. While it might not be as famous as Dyker Heights, Carroll Gardens can be easier to access for Brooklyn families from nearby Park Slope, Fort Greene and even Manhattan. 

Summer Day Camps Near NYC With Pick-Your-Own Programs

Traditionally there are two types of day camps: Specialty camps that allow kids to focus on one thing (soccer, theater, robotics, art, etc.) and general interest camps, where participants spend their days rotating through a schedule of sports, swimming and arts. Lately, some general programs have started to offer more specialization, allowing kids to pick a "major" of sorts and then spend the rest of the day participating in traditional camp activities.

These kinds of customizable camps are great for kids who are really into a particular activity but don't want to give up traditional day camp fun like swimming, sports and time outdoors. It also gives children more control over their schedules.

35 Things To Do around LA When Everyone Else Goes Away for Christmas

Shhhhh. Do you hear that? Wait—I think.... Yep! They're gone! All those people whose families live on the east coast, in the Midwest, in the Bay Area—they're all standing in their socks at airport security, telling their kids to hurry up and knock back that juice box before they miss their plane. Doesn't it make you glad to be in LA?

The marvelous secret I never knew in my childless, travel-at-will days is that for roughly 10 blessed days in December every year the highways of Los Angeles open up—and I'm not talking the San Andreas Fault way. For the next 10 days, you can do anything, anywhere, and it need not take you more than 20 minutes to get there. Have friends you miss in Burbank? Never get to the beach? Now is the time to start checking items off our 100 Things To Do in LA Bucket List, or try a few of the far-fetched and fun outings below that won't feel nearly so far during LA's true Holy Week!

Three Country Day Camps within New York City Limits

Sunshine, fresh air, plenty of running around and sports. Those are some of the great reasons to send your child out of the city to one of the many wonderful country day camps that surround the city. If you (or your child) aren't quite ready to head out of the city, there are three camps in NYC proper that approximate the country day camp experience.


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