Mommy Poppins - Things to Do in Connecticut with kids en 25 Things To Do With Kids in Trumbull <p>Trumbull, CT. located in <a href="" target="_blank">Fairfield County</a>, without question, is a bedroom community.&nbsp; But that doesn&rsquo;t mean the only option for residents is to bounce out to neighboring towns for something &rsquo;to do&rsquo; -- there are plenty of hidden treasures, and several parks for you and your family to enjoy. We&#39;ve made a list of 25 fun things to do with kids while in Trumbull!</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Kids Preschoolers Tweens & Teens Fairfield Trumbull Connecticut Charming Towns Fall Activities Free Activities Indoor Activities Nature Outdoor Activities Parks and Playgrounds Sports Spring Activities Summer Activities Things to Do Tue, 15 Apr 2014 14:16:46 +0000 Brandee Gilmore 81253 at WeeWork Kids Nature Crafts: Mushroom Prints <p>Spring signals time to reconnect with nature. DK Publishing sent us a copy of&nbsp;<a href="" style="font-size: 12px;">Great Things to Do Outside: 365 Awesome Outdoor Activities</a>&nbsp;and we&#39;ve been inspired by all the fun activities in it. We shared <a href="">one of them</a> with you last week and we have another great one to share with you today.&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 12px;">These mushroom prints will make kids gain new appreciation for fungi. &nbsp;</span></p> <p></p><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Kids Preschoolers Tweens & Teens Crafts Nature WeeWork Activities Tue, 15 Apr 2014 10:36:26 +0000 Anna Fader 81089 at Connecticut Farmers Markets and Farm Stands Kids Will Love <p>Connecticut has over 125 certified CT Grown Farmer&#39;s Markets in the state, so it is easy to take the family out for a fun day of shopping for fresh, local produce. Many of the markets are mini destinations where kids can be entertained while learning about the importance and nutrition of locally grown food. We love to pick our own berries when they are in season too so here&#39;s our<a href="" target="_blank"> Pick Your Own Farms in CT</a>.</p> <p>Here are suggestions on kid-friendly markets, so get out there, eat some healthy food, have fun and explore!&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Kids Preschoolers Tweens & Teens Connecticut Farm Fun Green & Eco Healthy Kids Nature Outdoor Markets Parenting Tips Summer Activities Fri, 11 Apr 2014 13:15:00 +0000 Pam Hegner 80306 at Mostly Free and Fun Things To Do In CT With Kids This Weekend April 12-13: Trains, Bunnies, and Block Parties <p>The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining--it finally feels like spring! For many schools in Connecticut, this coming week is spring break, so we have plenty of activities to keep you busy this weekend and into next week.</p> <p>If you&#39;re gearing up for Easter, check out our guides to <a href="">No Mess Easter Egg Decorating</a>,<a href="">Tie Dye Easter Eggs for Pre-Schoolers</a>, and <a href="">Natural Easter Egg Dyeing</a>--sure to keep kids of all ages entertained (with a minimum of mess)! And find your closest egg hunt or other bunny experience in our guides to Easter events in <a href="">Litchfield County</a>, <a href="">Fairfield County</a>, or <a href="">Central CT</a>.</p> <p>Those gearing up for a spring/summer birthday will want to consult our list of <a href="">10 Great Birthday Party Venues in Litchfield County</a>.</p> <p><a href=";u=bdc1aa2618e8751c4b2b6acf6&amp;id=51ccfd15a8&amp;submit.x=40&amp;submit.y=11" target="_blank">Subscribe</a>&nbsp;to our weekly newsletter and be sure to get the weekend round up every Thursday in your inbox. Don&#39;t forget to follow us on&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Pinterest&nbsp;</a>in order to get updates on events, contests and free giveaways. Our&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">event calendar</a>&nbsp;is updated constantly with the best activities around the state.</p> <p>Have fun out there!</p> <p></p><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Kids Preschoolers Tweens & Teens Connecticut Things to Do Thu, 10 Apr 2014 13:30:00 +0000 Jacqueline Miller 81071 at WeeWork Kids Craft: Jelly Bean Jewelry <p>We&#39;ve been doing <a href="">Easter</a> <a href="">egg</a> <a href="">decorating</a> all week in our&nbsp;<i><a href="">WeeWork</a></i>&nbsp;series. But it wasn&#39;t until I brought out a bag of jelly beans for this project that my ornery son suddenly got very interested in participating. This would be a great little activity for Easter morning, keeping kids occupied&nbsp;while the Easter bunny does his business. Or, if your little ones are too small to work a needle, you can make these and put them in their baskets. &nbsp;</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Kids Preschoolers Holidays WeeWork Activities Thu, 10 Apr 2014 10:43:33 +0000 Anna Fader 81126 at 10 Great Birthday Party Venues in Litchfield County <p>The Pardy house is a twin summer birthday house. &nbsp;Everything, times two! &nbsp;Guest list, goodie bags, cakes...everything requires double everything, including planning time. &nbsp;It may be only the beginning of Spring, but we&#39;re already on the case to find a fabulous birthday party destination near our friends and family in <a href="" target="_blank">Litchfield county</a>.&nbsp; Here are ten of the awesome spots we&#39;ve found so far. And don&#39;t forget to check out our <a href="" target="_blank">CT Party Guide </a>which also offers some great ideas and options.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Kids Preschoolers Tweens & Teens Litchfield Connecticut Birthday Parties Indoor Activities Outdoor Activities Outdoor Adventures Summer Activities 41.623442 -73.398942 41.577826 -73.410632 41.648174 -73.217471 41.724109 -73.212736 41.801675 -73.121840 41.813384 -73.098898 41.821335 -72.880876 41.750488 -73.053937 41.544540 -73.209003 41.577341 -73.412633 Wed, 09 Apr 2014 14:00:00 +0000 Sherry Pardy 80931 at Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturally with Fruit, Vegetables and Spices <p>Creating a homemade, natural Easter Egg dye out of ingredient in the fridge has always appealed to me and my son as a fun kitchen experiment, giving us the chance to play mad scientists for a while. You can make the dye from any fruit or vegetable that when boiled leeches its color into the water. My son and I used kale, blueberries, cranberries, beets, a mixture of carrot peels and onion skins and turmeric for cool, unusually colored Easter Eggs in an earthy color palette.&nbsp; These eggs really stand out from the <a href="">neon colored tie dyed Easter Eggs</a> we usually make.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Kids Preschoolers Tweens & Teens Food, Restaurants & Recipes Holidays WeeWork Activities Wed, 09 Apr 2014 10:48:12 +0000 Stephanie Ogozalek 80945 at Adventure Summer Camps in Central CT <p><a href="" target="_blank">Central CT </a>has a great selection of summer camps for kids of all ages with a variety of interests. As parents we understand that taking risks builds confidence. This is where some adventure fits in. Sometimes we have a child who&#39;s just aching for some risky action like rock climbing, zip-lining or an outdoor adventure course. Or perhaps, mom thinks Susie could do with broadening her horizons a bit. Whatever the motivation may be, if you&#39;re looking for an adventure camp then check out one of the following fun choices in Central CT. And for even more options be sure to look through our <a href="" target="_blank">CT Summer Camp Guide</a>.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Kids Tweens & Teens Hartford Connecticut Summer Camps 41.743862 -72.842940 Tue, 08 Apr 2014 15:09:09 +0000 Tania Pesce 80257 at